About Wildlife on the Move

We are a group of experienced, fully-insured animal presenters, dedicated to helping people of all ages become more knowledgeable about their natural world. We especially delight in helping kids develop a true appreciation for nature and fostering a stewardship for the earth’s wildlife.

Our critters are animal ambassadors for their wild cousins that inhabit countries and continents from all over the world, thus allowing us the opportunity to explore culture, geography, and a variety of ecosystems.

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Donate Other Supplies Needed: Aspen shavings, Repti-Bark, Repti-Sand, Crushed Walnut Bedding (“sand”), Zoo Med Eco-Earth Compressed Substrate Bricks, Purina Cat Chow, 15 gallon kitchen trash bags, 55 gallon size lawn/garden trash bags, paper towels, paper towel tubes, oatmeal (oats), duct tape, newspaper, hand sanitizer, sponges/scrubbing pads, bleach, dish soap, hand soap, 40W and 60W incandescent light bulbs – No LED’s please, household timers, discarded t-shirts, discarded wash cloths & towels, brooms, leaf rakes, big scoop shovels, and Provent A Mite from Pro Products

SHIP TO: Wildlife On The Move Animal Care Program at 5236 Kiwanis Road Dallas, Texas 75236

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